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Commercial and corporate law 

  • Providing comprehensive legal advices, contract preparation, supervision of implementation; 
  • Incorporation, registration, reorganization and liquidation of trade companies (Ltd, joint-stock company, etc.)
  • Registration of Bulgarian trade companies at the Bulgarian Trade registry and Industrial chamber; 
  • Preparation of the company documents in accordance with the requirements of the Commercial Code; 
  • Ltd. registration;
  • Registration at the Commerce registry;
  • Withdrawal of a company shareholder;
  • Amendments in the Commerce registry;
  • Change the company shareholders;
  • Amendments in the company shares;
  • Amendments in the company capital.


Employment Law

We provide legal advices to employers and employees both national and international, for individual and collective employment legal matters, as well as advices for the tax and social insurance matters connected with the above. Our range of services covers the following:

  • Preparation of labour, civil and freelancers` contracts
  • Labour dismissals, mass dismissals, discipline dismissals
  • Social compensations
  • Representation in front of Arbitration and court bodies
  • Labour legal advices for Mergers & Acquisitions, company agreements 
  • Negotiations and preparation of company agreements
  • Preparation of wage agreements
  • Temporary labour agreements
  • Advices for social insurances 
  • Management affairs 
  • Representation in front of court instances in labour cases
  • Labour reorganization
  • Contracts cancelation 
  • Time limited contracts
  • Part-time labour contracts
  • Conclusion, amendment and termination of labour contracts, board members and managers contracts  


Real estate operations

  • Identify and research the ownership of the property; 
  • Performing legal checks for the existence/non-existence of initiated or already existing mortgages over the property as well as the additional costs which may be involved ;
  • Preparation of preliminary contract for the purchase of the real estate;
  • Preparation of the title (notary) deeds for the property purchase as well for other real estate transfers;
  • Preparation of documents which shall be represented in front of a notary public in order to conclude a mortgage contract;
  • Preparation of rental agreements;
  • Provide comprehensive legal advices and checks of the property statute.


Contract preparation

  • Contract preparation in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Obligations and contracts code as well as the Bulgarian Trade code and the local legislation;
  • Providing comprehensive legal advices for sales contracts.  


Insolvency proceeding

  • Insolvency management;
  • Legal advices for insolvency proceedings;
  • Development and management rehabilitation concepts for the companies;
  • Preparation and monitoring of insolvency plan;
  • Out-of-court liquidation;
  • Providing legal advices to creditors, managements and shareholders  



We can provide you with the following consultancy services in the outsourcing sphere: 

  • Initial information for the legal, political and economic conditions which might have influence for the concrete international investment;
  • Help the investor choose the most appropriate legal and tax structure;
  • Registration of trade companies;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Transform trade companies – merger, take over etc.;
  • Legal analysis and detail investigation of all relevant legal aspects concerning the investment;
  • Negotiations;
  • Preparation of draft documents;
  • Real estate deals;
  • On-going legal consultancy of the corporate structure; 


Preparation of appeals against fines imposed by local authorities 

  • Review and preliminary advices of the possibility to file a court appeal against the acts with which the fines have been imposed;
  • Legal representation during the court proceedings


Asylum law 

  • Comprehensive legal advices and representation during the procedure of obtaining a refugee statute in Bulgaria;
  • Legal advices during the procedure of obtaining bulgarian citizenship  


Legal representation in court procedures

  • Legal representation in front of all court instances for civil law matters;
  • Foreclosures.