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Company and Corporate Law

Our law company has great experience in the area of corporate and commercial law. We provide our clients with advices during the whole stages of their business development - from the formation of a company – to succession planning. This includes providing with legal advices for all company transformation issues such as amendments, splits and mergers as well as legal advices in the area of sale of company shares, stock exchange and takeover procedures.

Due to the comprehensive practice of our law office, our attention is also pointed to the tax-optimization and business related matters. There is no need to mention that company tax issues very often can result in additional number of company matters which shall be resolved in a timely and professional manner.

In addition - our highly qualified legal advices in the corporate and business field, are expanded with consultancy in the national and European competition law, the individual and collective labour law which services are ensured by our comprehensive team of experts. We provide our clients with individual consultancy but we can also provide them with permanent counseling (subscription services). We also represent their interests in court cases, as well as in civil litigation, arbitration proceedings or commercial register matters. Among our clients are both shareholders and companies. The spectrum ranges from small family companies to joint-stock companies.

We provide our clients with the following services: 

  • Establishment of companies and creation of articles of incorporation; 
  • Company registration and company transformations; 
  • Monitoring of corporate acquisitions on both buyers and sellers;
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing; 
  • Conceptual advice and prospecting of investment funds;
  • Advice on the organization structure and corporate governance issues;
  • Internal company disputes Corporate law;
  • Civil law proceedings and arbitration proceedings.


Commercial law

Our Department of Commercial Law has excellent knowledge and extensive experience in all commercial law mattes The spectrum of our activities ranges from ordinary tasks - from registration or verification of general terms and conditions and comprehensive legal advice and representation in all matters related with trade purchase, to providing with comprehensive legal advices during the implementation of modern forms of trading, particularly e-commerce. Another focus of our activities is the cargo - and forwarding law. We provide our clients with the following services: 

  • Preparation and review of terms and conditions; 
  • Trade sale;
  • Distribution Law;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Trade law;
  • Cargo and forwarding law; 
  • International Trade Law. 


Real Estate and Construction Law

Among our clients are well-known companies in the construction and civil engineering industry, the prefabricated house building industry and their associations, project development and real estate companies, investment companies and other institutional investors, property developers, as well as architects, engineers and project managers.

Our legal advice and support extends from planning and approval, through distribution and execution to settlement and exploitation of construction projects. During our work we consider the financial and tax aspects, negotiate with the respective authorities and lenders, prepare sales and construction contracts as well as contracts for work and engineering, provide training for sales staff and construction managers, compile arbitration report and represent our clients in court as well as in out-of-court procedures.

We provide our clients with the following services:

  • Advising architects, engineers and project managers; 
  • Property development and investment contracts; 
  • Creation of expert determination;
  • Support through legal project management abroad;
  • Research of real estate funds;
  • Real estate and project financing; 
  • Development and marketing of commercial real estate;
  • Legal advice during real estate transactions, including purchase and sale of real estate.



Our practice shows that the business advices which we provide to companies with financial matters often includes also a legal advice conncted with possibility of insolvency announcement. In our opinion a responsible trade partner should be thinking about the possibility of an eventual bankruptcy of business partners even when their relations are going smoothly. While when negotiating with company liquidators different rules might apply between the trade partners, the risks can be avoided in advance by performing the correct legal steps.

We advise and support our clients in all insolvency situations. We advise them during the economic crisis of their companies but also during the preparation of the whole insolvency proceedings. We have also experience in the development of liquidation and reorganization concepts in order to avoid the insolvency proceedings.

We advise the management and the shareholders in advance of filing the documents for starting an insolvency proceeding in order to avoid the personal liability risks which can arise as a result of an insolvency proceeding. We can also provide with comprehensive legal advice contractors, creditors and other parties, we negotiate with liquidators, assignees of the bankruptcy, banks and other creditors in order to find the most suitable resolution for our clients. Finally we represent and advise our clients in order to secure their legal rights in insolvcency proceedings and to claim the amounts from the debtor.

We provide our clients with the following services:

  • Management of the creditors` amounts during the insolvency procedure; 
  • Insolvency-related consulting; 
  • Development and support of rehabilitation concepts;
  • Preparation and monitoring of insolvency plan procedure; 
  • Extrajudicial Liquidation;
  • Advising creditors, managements and shareholders


Тax law

Our Tax lawyers and tax advisors are in constant opinions and experiences exchange with their colleagues, both on national and international level. This guarantees to our clients that our legal advices are comprehensive. Our consultancies supervise complex transactions such as acquisitions and restructurings, succession planning, market issues and financing structures.

Among our clients we have shareholders of major companies in particular leading industrial and service companies, investment companies, banks, leasing companies and other financial services` providers.

We provide our clients with the following services: 

  • Structuring of private equity and venture capital investments;
  • Corporate reorganization; 
  • Advising fund companies and fund structures; 
  • Advice on corporate and asset succession planning; 
  • Tax audit and tax advice on investments, cash investments, asset transformations under national and international special reference to the legal options tax-saving design forms;
  • Transnational tax effects and the various double taxation agreements;  
  • Transfer pricing; 
  • Direct coordination with the Bulgarian tax authorities and the Ministry of Finances to provide each client with individual advice and attitude;
  • Special constructions;
  • Auditors, specialist advisors in national and international tax law



“Kostadinov, Georgiev & Partners” law firm provides their clients with complex and entire consultancy service by the preparation and fulfillment of international investment projects. Our vision for the role of our company in the investment process is to be a long-term consultant of our clients where we aim to build stable and trustworthy relations with our clients during all of the investment phases.

The outsourcing becomes more and more popular trading model. Especially nowadays – when the economy is not so well developing, the minimization of the expenses is essential for the business development and often it is a motive for the decrease of the corporate expenses and also for the distribution of individual outsourcing tasks. While decreasing the expenses, the business is also aiming to develop main competences in its` own company. Therefore one of the basic requirements to the employees nowadays is the fluently usage of foreign languages.

Strategic reasons for taking the decision for developing outsourcing:

  •  Focus on the main skills;
  • Experienced and well qualified employees;
  • Increase the productivity;
  • Cost efficiency/decrease business costs;
  • Clear calculation of the IT costs;
  • Mobile data and working environment;
  • Flexible to the changing business environment;
  • No need of own investment (software, hardware, new technologies).

Bulgaria is attractive country for the development of outsourcing projects as it has one of the lowest production costs in the whole EU, strong and safe business environment, also Bulgaria is near to the West Europe countries, we have well-qualified employees and low corporative tax (10%).

Bulgaria can offer the following:

  •  Well trained qualified employees who speak foreign languages fluently;
  • One of the lowest corporative taxes in whole Europe;
  • Price stability; 
  • Great choice of cost effective office premises; 
  • Possibility for expenses optimization; 
  • Lower employee costs;
  • Political, legal and economic stability;
  •  A good investment climate, due to which many foreign companies have already successfully started their business activities here.